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James' other music performance credits

Prior to Left Orbit Temple, James' solo music recordings included:
Phase 1
: Fifteen songs recorded in James' first home studio. (unreleased).
Phase 2 : Seventeen songs recorded in James' second home studio (unreleased).
Phase 3
: Twenty songs recorded in the first pro studio that James worked in (unreleased). The Phase 3 material was performed live under the name Flat Earth Society.  The highlight of these gigs was opening for Front 242.

The Ice-Nine EP is the beginning of Left Orbit Temple.  Four pieces were recorded at Chicago Trax by James, Danny McGuiness, Charles Levi, Kyle Woodring, Mike Armes, Felix Miklik, and additional guests.

While working with Martin Atkins and Invisible Records, James contributed keyboards to Atkins' remix of Copper Theft by Monster Voodoo Machine, and was a performer and co-writer on the Club Dead video game soundtrack and on An Industrial Christmas Carol.  James has also performed as a member of industrial supergroup Pigface (for about fifty shows in the 1990s), and appears in their Son of a Glitch DVD release.  Prior to that, James was a founding member and songwriter for the legendary Cleveland postpunk group Evil Clowns, and was briefly a member of Pangaea

James also provided sound design and music for a pile of corporate logo animations, and composed about three dozen instrumental scores for industrial and janitorial training films, but we shan't discuss those further.