Record Production + Sound Engineering

Since arriving in Chicago, James has worked in many of the city's studios, including Chicago Recording Company (CRC), Studio Chicago, Chicago Trax, Streeterville, Metropolis, Wall to Wall.  He is currently accepting engineering and production work as a tracking, mixing, or mastering engineer in all styles of music. 
Click here for online portfolio / demo reel

James has contributed to recordings by...  Jess Godwin, Elle Casazza, Ashley Mulcahy, The New Sex and Drugs, Within the Trenches, Korgan Robb, Dead Seeds, Double Identity, Fierce Atmospheres, The Exceptions, Bach + Beethoven Experience, Artemisia, Stereoviolet, Hope Littwin, Ex-Senators, Flat Cats, Ayanami, Minus One Quintet, Sora Kim, Top Shelf Lickers, Mumble the Peg, Haki, John Mead and the Coyotes, Stereospeak, Mike Pinto, Ballroom Boxer, Brown Bag, Sam Sinclair Trio, Luke Malewicz, Mancow Muller, All Terrain Productions, Blackout, Sugarpusher, Animal, Matt Kerr, Tisa and the Glowworms, Barehand Jug Band, Amanda Sena, Nicole Kestler, Cole deGenova, Paul Taneja, Julia Storke, Manni Bances, Dee Alexander, Vanessa Vincent, Andreas Kapsalis, Fluid Minds, Blah Blah Blah, Deuce, Belmondos, Raul Duke, I Am The Lorax, Mikey Peterson and the Trust, Caroline Davis, Sam Robinson, Cathy Norden, Tony DoRosario, Mike Farmilant,  Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, Digital Idiots, The Defenders, Same Planet Different World, Faith No More, Maintenance of Order, Absolute Zero, Society Mine, Commonwealth Edison, Recliner, Icos, Vent, Clip, Creepers, Native Altar, Terminal White, Lucid, Withdrawl, Haegers Bend, JustUs, 7th Heaven, Vinyl Goods, Career Criminals, Mourning Reign, Boot Kamp, Davila Brothers, JD Walker, Monster Voodoo Machine, Chris Connelly, Revolting Cocks, Material Issue, Skrew, Loud Lucy, Lupins, They Came in Droves, The Drovers, Chemlab, Ministry, Armageddon Dildos, Villain, Lazy Poker Blues Band, Q-101 radio, Hip Deep Trilogy, Pigface, Chicago Industrial League, Club Dead... and MANY more!