Tiki Road Trip

Published in 2003 by Santa Monica Press, Tiki Road Trip was the first book by James Teitelbaum.  It was completely revised and expanded for a vastly superior 2nd edition in 2007. 

James is no longer stocking copies personally, so the best way to continue supporting this project is to use this link when you order your copy.

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James became intrigued and amused by the classic tiki bars of the 1930s to 1960s while touring the country with rock bands in the 1990s.  As a fun outlet from the intense pressures of touring life, he began seeking out the relics of the mid-century tiki phenomenon as he visited each new city.  These explorations were chronicled on The Tiki Bar Review Pages, launched in 1995 as the first tiki web site on the entire internet (now gone).  From that point through the late 2000s, James was asked to write about tiki-related subjects rather frequently.  He now feels that he has said all he has to say on this topic, and is participating in tiki-related projects extremely selectively.