Additional writing - print features, web features, etc.

Music Industry and Sound Engineering:

Super Deluxe Mega Boxed Sets of the Gods
for the Tribeca-Flashpoint blog

Becoming a Live Sound Engineer
A sales blurb for the Tribeca-Flashpoint blog

Shuffle Mode Has an "Off" Switch
for Tribeca Future of Film

Miking techniques for martial arts events
for On Tour with Shure

Film Reviews

James wrote about 100 reviews for,
and then a further 100 or so for
Film Threat.
After a break, he is now writing for Film International.
Mid-century pop, road tripping, and the tiki thing:
During Tiki Road Trip's heyday, James was asked to write this piece.  We now present it here, but sadly(?) sans naked ladies.

Revisiting Mid-Century Chicago

The Loneliest Road In America

Camelot Resort

A Top Ten Tiki Tour
for American Heritage
Written as a companion piece to an article by Wayne Curtis.

James has contributed features to 17 issues of Tiki Magazine.

Not featured on this page are writings for Alternative Press, AAA World, Re-Vue, Beverage World, and a few other media outlets.